Client List


    ·  Klamath Tribes Natural Resources – Nutrient Loading and Water Quality Research in Streams and Lakes of the Klamath Basin; limnological analysis of Upper Klamath lake data.

    ·   Medford Water Commission– Limnological and Toxic algal assessment of Willow Lake, OR

    ·  City of Ashland, OR – Water quality and toxic algae assessment of city water supply reservoir (Reeder Reservoir)

    ·  R2 Resource Consultants/Bureau of Indian Affairs – Upper Klamath Lake Water Quality Analyses

    ·  City of Portland Parks and Recreation – Assessment and Management of Laurelhurst Pond for Microcystis

    ·  Karuk Tribe – Nutrient Loading/Toxic Cyanobacteria in Klamath River Reservoirs

    ·  Yurok Tribe – Nutrient and Algal Dynamics in the Klamath River System

    ·  Kier Associates/Karuk tribe – Nutrient Budget for Copco and Irongate Reservoirs

    ·  City of Lakeside Oregon and Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership – Toxic Algal Blooms in Tenmile Lakes, OR

    ·  Willamette NF/Eugene Water Board/ PGE – Toxic Cyanobacteria Workshop

    ·  Oregon Human Services – Review Toxic Algal Monitoring and Threshold Guidelines

    ·  Josephine County Parks Dept. –  Toxic algal blooms in Lake Selmac

    ·  US Forest Service Umpqua NF – Assessment of Diamond Lake, Oregon Toxic Algal Blooms

    ·  US Environmental Protection Agency – Klamath and Lost River TMDL Planning

    ·  Kier Associates/Klamath Basin Tribal Water Quality Work Group- Klamath River, CA water quality assessment.

    ·  Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality/JC Headwaters – Diamond Lake TMDL analysis and modeling.

    ·  Betts, Patterson and Mines/City of Lakewood – Limnological Data Assessment, Steilacoom Lake, Washington

    ·  Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust – Water Quality and Fisheries Monitoring in the Wood River Valley Oregon.

    ·  Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife – Assessment of Diamond Lake Restoration Options

    ·  US Fish and Wildlife Service/Graham Matthews and Associates – Water Quality in Stream Restoration Projects Tributary to Klamath Lake.

    ·  Jim Root Crooked Creek Ranch – Aquatic Habitat Restoration and Monitoring.

    ·  Native American Rights Fund (NARF) – TMDL and Oregon SB1010 Non Point Pollution Research and Modeling in the Klamath Basin.

    ·  US Bureau of Reclamation/JC Headwaters – Upper Klamath Lake Paleolimnological Study and Reservoir Water Quality Modeling Review.

    ·  US Geological Survey Biological Resources Division – Fish Kill Water Quality Study on Upper Klamath Lake.

    ·  The Nature Conservancy – Monitoring and Inventory at the Sycan Marsh Preserve – Klamath Basin.